Set the Bone

by Sleeper Key

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released July 1, 2016

Guitar and Vocals - Graham
Drums - John
Guitar - Griffin
Bass - David

Mastered by David Settle
Recorded by John Cyr
Mixed by John Cyr and David Settle
Lyrics by Graham Crainshaw
Enhanced by Griffin Rowe



all rights reserved


Sleeper Key Tallahassee, Florida

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Track Name: Tongue Biter
I'm spitting out my mantra
trembling. The fear is spinning
in my guts, it's turning something
in me. Now I'm pulling punches. God speaks and it shatters my collarbone.
That wasn't too kind. He said quit
your whining. Crowds of hostile
people yell. Hey, spill your guts out,
now file yourself down. You can
phase me in and out. Focus your
mouth on nicer things I could say to
you. I'm mixing timelines. Oh my god,
I'm cracking up.
Track Name: Set the Bone
Jump off. Swim
back again. Grab
your life vest.
The water's cold.
My teeth ache
in the ice bath.
You said
it's not my fault.
I'm getting stuck there.

It's way too heavy for both
of us. But you've got to know
if you want to heal you set the bone.

Understand peace
comes and goes
when you call me.
I want to help,
but I built up
your ramparts
along with you.

You need time,
and I think that's fine,

but there's something you're not telling me.

You screamed for help,
but I wasn't listening.

There's something you're not telling me.

You're caged and tied. How could I?

There's something you're not telling me.
Track Name: Mouthwash
Measure out the mouthwash cap
and slug it down, spit glands blasting.
Feet stick to the tile floor. Soap's
In the back. Wait for more.
Millimeters spacing fingers between
mirrored glass. Press too hard and crack.

At the grocery store fielding
questions from creeps for a second
more. Swap that sugar before we go.

I am walking up wooden steps
to a platform above the park.
Brought a chisel and marker

to shake things up. Shaking
stuff up will only lay
it out clearer now. I'm afraid
I've let you down. Let me
down easy. Would you take
me down with you?
Track Name: Epoxy
Something's weird in Fishtown-
a five-minute epoxy put down.
Stepping outside, smoking beside
a dumpster fire tribe of rag dolls.

I picked you up at the park drowning
your mother's sick dog. You said
you'd tried but couldn't decide
to do it. Left it to a coin toss. You're not changing. I'm not changing.

Stuck in my room,
not scared of you,
but I'll sleep under
the covers though
I'm sweating through
my t-shirt.
Track Name: Still
Vi said last weekend,
"you owe me for the
cigarettes you bummed".

Damp sheets and wet
hair hide from me
the blinds that rattle.

Don't go. I'm nervous.
Leaving notes outside.

I'll try to hide a diphenhydramine
sigh. I will try the best I can.